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Teen Camp

Teen Camp is for those who will be turning 14 during the year of camp up to 19 years of age and are interested in learning about living as a Christian. The week consists of a healthy mix of games, sports, bible studies, praise times, camp fires and epic meals! The cooks at Teen Camp totally rock!

If you love soccer, volleyball, baseball, swimming or ultimate frisbee then Teen Camp is for you. If you love being challenged by great study times led by really great and youthful spiritual leaders then Teen Camp is for you. If you love camp wide games, adventure games, 'Survivor' type challenges and being part of a team then Teen camp is for you. If you love arts and crafts, campfires and quiet moments just hanging out with your friends then Teen Camp is for you. If you love rockin' praise times and jammin' with your buddies then Teen Camp is for you. If you love really great food wait...I think we mentioned that!! Oh, and last but not least, you get free tuck every day. 
It's gotta be worth coming, just for that!

Remember though that the foundation of Teen Camp is the bible; its’ teachings and how they affect our everyday lives. As a result of this, the camp is a place of integrity and respect. We don't have many rules but we do expect all campers to respect one another and respect the property. So come along, join in the fun, get with the spirit of respect for others and we guarantee Teen Camp will be one of the best weeks of your life!

An application form must be completed and accepted by Mount Forest Camp before any camper can attend.

Who can come to Teen Camp?

In addition to meeting the age requirements, those who enjoy Teen Camp the most are usually those who enjoy collective participation in games, activities, crafts, sports and are interested in learning how to lead a Christian life in today’s world.

Am I able to use my smartphone or music player at camp?

At the discretion of the Camp Leader, smartphones and cellphones may be permitted provided their use does not interfere with the camp program. Any use during organized lessons and group activities is strictly forbidden and phones may be confiscated if these basic rules are ignored.

What are the expectations of behaviour at Teen Camp?

We don’t have many rules but we do expect everyone at camp to respect the camp, the camp property and to respect fellow campers and their property too. There are certain lifestyle standards we expect everyone to abide by too. For the protection of everyone and to preserve the integrity of the program, anyone failing to abide by these expectations will be denied the privilege of attending Teen Camp. If more information is needed before attending camp, please contact us using the contact page.

What is the camp policy on camper's use of social media?

Camp uses social media for promotional and information purposes and as a place that encourages the building of healthy friendships. We recognize that campers and staff may use social media as a means of keeping in contact. We do not encourage the posting of any images of a person without that person’s consent.