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Health & Safety


It is the Policy of Mount Forest Camp (“the Camp”) to provide a safe and healthy environment for campers and staff, consistent with regulatory expectations and with due regard to risks inherent in the activities undertaken in accordance with the objectives of the Camp. The Camp is actively engaged in various programs and events at which minors and vulnerable persons are in attendance. As such, it recognizes its responsibility to provide safe, enjoyable and spiritually rewarding experiences for Campers and Camp staff alike. The natural hazards of the Camp site, including the waterfront on the Camp property, present risks that are not all within the control of Camp Directors and Camp Leaders. Staff, campers and campers’ parents or guardians who attend, or permit their children to attend Camp, do so in the knowledge that they have personal responsibility to ensure their own safety and not to endanger others in their use of the human and natural environment of the Camp. Health and safety policies are intended to address undue risks but cannot remove or fully control the risk environment inherent in enjoyment of the camping experience.

Allergies (Food & Environmental)

MFC does not accept any liability for the adverse consequences to Campers or Workers caused by any food or environmental allergies. Workers with allergies, and parents/guardians whose children are accepted to attend a Camp, are fully liable for any allergy risks. MFC is NOT able to guarantee that food prepared will be free from allergens including nuts, gluten, dairy, etc. The catering Workers may provide reasonable cooperation, by sharing general details of planned menus with concerned parents/guardians. Such details should not be regarded as a full list of ingredients or contents. In the case of a Camper's or Worker's known food allergy, the head cook at her sole discretion may exceptionally permit alternative meals to be sent to MFC.


Registration forms shall require applicants to identify potential problems presented by campers who have infectious diseases or other health problems, undertake medical examinations prior to attending Camp and generally to ensure that other campers are not placed at undue risk through known health problems.

Campers who require prescription medicines at Camp are to arrange at registration for such medications to be administered by, or under arrangements satisfactory to, the camp medical staff.


My child can't eat x/y/z...

We will do our best to accomodate any food allergies or dietary issues, but please contact us before camp to discuss certain food items or meals.

What medical staff do you have?

The Camp is fully compliant with Provincial Health Regulations which require at a minimum for there to be persons on staff with who hold a Canadian Red Cross Society’s Standard First Aid Certificate or a St. John Ambulance Association’s Standard First Aid Certificate, or their formal equivalent. All Waterfront activities are under the supervision of appropriately-qualified lifeguards and assistants as required by Provincial Regulations

What happens if there's an accident?

We seldom have any serious accidents during a week of camp, thanks mainly to exercising good common sense and having qualified medical staff at camp. However, occasionally accidents or illnesses occur and in these cases campers are transported to a nearby Hospital in Mount Forest for further examination and treatment if necessary. It is our policy to contact the Emergency Contact listed on the camper’s registration form whenever it is deemed necessary by Medical Staff, the Camp Leader or the Camper.

What if my child is homesick?

Telephone contact may be made in emergency, but it has been our experience that calls to/from home amplify feelings of homesickness. If this is a concern, please speak to a Camp Director or Leader.