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Child Protection

Our Policy

We are privileged that you are considering sending your child to MFC. Many of us are parents too and we understand some of the fears and anxieties today’s parents encounter as they entrust their children to others. In all we do, we strive to keep campers safe. The following is a summary of our Child Protection Policy. For further details or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

It is the Policy of Mount Forest Camp (“the Camp”) to provide a safe and healthy environment for campers and staff, consistent with regulatory expectations and with due regard to risks inherent in the activities undertaken in accordance with the objectives of the Camp, as governed by the overall Policies approved by the overseers of the Churches of God. The Camp is actively engaged in various programs and events at which minors and vulnerable persons are in attendance. As such, it recognizes its responsibility to provide safe, enjoyable and spiritually rewarding experiences for Campers and Camp staff alike. In seeking to introduce Campers to the importance and value of Christian discipleship through a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord Himself is before us as our example, who actively encouraged youth to relate to Him, embracing them and blessing them (Mark 10:13-16).

The following policies for the protection of children are constructed in conjunction with the guiding scriptural principles agreed by the North American District of the Churches of God. Consistent with these principles, the policies of the Camp will seek to provide protection for minors and vulnerable persons through:
• Endeavouring to provide Christ-centered environments and programs in an open, honest, respectful and caring manner
• Effective screening, selection, appointment and supervision of all Camp staff
• Ensuring Camp staff receive appropriate training, including a consistent understanding of what relevant laws constitute as ‘abuse’ in its various forms, how to recognize it and how to go about reporting it, in line with statutory requirements
• Regular review of policies and procedures to help ensure compliance at all levels
• Practical guidance as to how the policy is to be implemented with respect to the specific activities of the Camp.