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About Us

What We Do

Mount Forest Camp is owned & operated by the Churches of God in Ontario. There are assemblies in TorontoHamilton, Brantford, & Mount Forest.

The Camp is located on 100 acres of rolling countryside in the township of Southgate, about 20 minutes drive north-east of Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada. Campers sleep in cabins which comfortably accommodate up to 8 campers and 2 counselors. Toilet and shower facilities are located in a nearby washroom block. A short walk takes campers to our Dining Hall, Rec Hall, sports fields, campfire hill and swimming pond where campers can swim under the supervision of qualified lifeguards.

It is a beautiful and inspiring place to learn how to become a Christian and how to live as a Christian. Come and see for yourself, and tell your family and friends.

For 50 years, Mount Forest Camp has provided many young people with a healthy and happy vacation under the direction of experienced volunteer workers. Most of the campers each year are repeat campers from previous years, and many are children of former campers. However, we give a special welcome to those attending for the first time.

It is not the primary purpose of this Camp to teach specific skills. Although the program includes a wide variety of sports, games and other activities, the purpose of camp is simply to contribute towards an enjoyable and meaningful summer, with positive experiences that will be of life-long value. The program assists in informing campers about basic Christian principles from the Bible, and they see Christianity put into practice.

Our Beliefs

Mount Forest Camp is owned and run by the churches of God in Ontario. The purpose of MFC is to make disciples for the Lord Jesus Christ, to strengthen them in the Faith and to encourage spiritual growth in all who attend Camp. The Churches of God believe that the Bible is God’s Word, given to man in the original writings word for word and without error. We believe that God, the Creator of the Universe, exists in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and that these three are eternal and one. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, born of a virgin and lived a sinless life that ultimately led Him to be crucified as a penalty for the sins of Mankind. We believe he was bodily raised from the dead and now lives with God in Heaven. We believe that all people are sinners before God. We believe that through the atoning death of Jesus Christ, salvation of individuals is available through belief in the atoning work of Jesus. We believe that those who refuse the offer of God’s gift of salvation are doomed to suffer eternal separation from Him. We believe that God’s desire is for born-again believers to be gathered together to serve and worship God according to the scriptural pattern set out in the New Testament writings of the Bible and that Churches of God follow that scriptural pattern.

The above is a condensed and partial version of any official ‘Statement of Faith and Doctrine of the Churches of God. For more information, visit the Churches of God website.