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Kids Camp

Expect it to be a week your child will not forget but will probably be a highlight of their year! Many a new camper has arrived on Sunday afternoon with a little nervousness and found that within hours of meeting their fellow campers from their cabin (there are usually up to 7 campers per cabin) and their counselors (there are 2 counselors per cabin) they have begun to forge new friendships that have lasted for the week and well beyond as they enjoy the weeks’ program together.

There’s always something going on during the day right from breakfast right through to lights out (usually around 10:30pm). Following breakfast there is a morning lesson time where the whole camp gathers for a lesson from the Bible, brought to the campers by engaging and gifted presenters, each of whom have their own unique styles of delivery. However no matter the delivery, the lesson is always designed to communicate the saving love of the Lord Jesus Christ who died for campers, staff and parents alike to offer us the gift of salvation. Following lessons, times of sports and crafts are available followed usually by a swim time before lunch. Lunch is ended by singing some favorite camp songs which we do in true loud MFC fashion – really, REALLY loud! The afternoon is spent with cabin groups and engaging in various activities, swimming in the pond or perhaps taking time to just get to know friends better. After another splendid supper there are camp-wide activities and then time for evening campfire where campers reflect on the goings on of the day brought to them in humorous fashion through newspaper, songs, skits and stories but always ending by reflecting on the reason camp exists – the Lord Jesus and His love for each of us.

An application form must be completed and accepted by Mount Forest Camp before any camper can attend.

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What are the ages for campers at Kids Camp?

Campers must be 8 years old by December 31st and not older than 13 at time of camp.

How do I make sure my child is in a cabin with their friends?

We make every effort to ensure (but cannot absolutely guarantee) that every camper is in a cabin with at least one friend named on their registration form.

Who will my child's counsellor(s) be?

Each cabin has two counselors who are both born-again Christians. As much as possible, counselors are also members of the Churches of God who have volunteered to undertake this responsibility and been endorsed for their role by their elders. Many counselors are themselves former campers who want to make camp as fun and unforgettable an experience as it was for them during their years as campers.