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Family Camp


Dear Friends, 

We would like to invite you to come and enjoy a long weekend at our favourite place – Mount Forest Camp! Find time to get away from your busy week and relax with Christian friends at MFC.  Family Camp weekend is designed for all ages and stages including those with and without children. Time around God's word will be shared with the children in a Family Service format and all are invited to join with the Church of God in Mount Forest for the Remembrance on Sunday morning.

Please plan to arrive any time after 7pm on Friday, night.  There will be no official program on this evening, but snack will be served and an informal time of singing around the campfire will be enjoyed by all who arrive in time! 

We look forward to seeing you at Family Camp Weekend for another great weekend at Mount Forest Camp. 


Jonathan & Nicole


Registration is a two step process. Please make sure to fill out & submit the FORM and then proceed with PAYMENT below.

Your family will not be registered until both steps are complete.

Please contact us before proceeding if you requires sponsorship, have dietary restrictions or medical concerns.


August 2 - 5, 2019

Family Information
Please include your full mailing address.
Home Phone *
Home Phone
Which meals do you plan on being at camp for? *
Please leave details below of any special requests you may have (dietary requirements and/or accommodation requests) and we will try our best to meet your needs.
The Camper's Promise *
As a camper at Mount Forest Camp, I fully accept my responsibility to respect Camp rules, fellow campers, camp property, and the authority of Camp leaders and staff. In particular, I understand and will comply with the requirement that the following are not allowed at Camp: weapons, electronic entertainment devices, tobacco products, drugs or alcohol, or any other device or substance that in the Leader’s opinion may injure or otherwise adversely affect my own, or anyone else’s, benefit or enjoyment of the programs at Mount Forest Camp. Parents are responsible for their children at all times, along with any others that join their family for the Fellowship Camp weekend.
Release & Authorization
Name, Address, Relation to Camper, Home Phone & Cell Phone Number
Release *
I hereby authorize the camper referred to on this form to attend and participate in the Camp indicated on the reverse. I release the Churches of God, Camp Directors, Session Leaders, and staff from all responsibility and liability in connection with any harm which may occur to this camper however caused while at or in transit to or from the Camp. I will promptly advise Camp leaders should this camper develop a harmful communicable disease, or other health problem likely to adversely affect other campers attending Camp. I accept that part of the enjoyment of the normal Camp program relates to the camper participating in risk-taking activities, and such participation does not involve gross or willful negligence by those responsible for the camper. I authorize and accept the risks of the camper being transported to and from camp for off-site components of the camp program in the personal vehicles of the staff, and accept that the camp will attempt to provide the same standard of care for offsite activities as those at the camp site. In the event the camper requires medical attention (including first aid and emergency hospital care) I authorize Camp Session Leaders to act on my behalf to ensure immediate treatment for him/her. I support the Camper’s Promise, and if required I will arrange for pick up from the Camp if Directors determine the camper should leave the Camp. Further, I authorize the person named above to pick up the camper from Camp. I permit the Camp to use audio/video/photographic materials which include the camper in promotional materials or other uses authorized by Camp Directors. I have read this form in full, and accept full responsibility for this camper.
Medical Alert
Please include full names & numbers for all family members attending.
Allergies *
Participant is allergic to: (list any foods, medication, insect stings, environmental allergies)
Release *
I accept that the Camp is not a "peanut free" facility and that the Camp cannot provide assurance that there will be no exposure of the camper to new or previously identified allergens.
Does this participant carry an EPI-PEN? *
Please include any additional allergy information.
Please include any prescribed medications.
Agreement *
By completing this form, all relevant health and medical information for the listed participant has been communicated to Mount Forest Camp. NOTE: Information disclosed on this form may be communicated to the appropriate camp staff at the discretion of the Head First Aid Officer.

Please SUBMIT your form above before proceeding with payment below.


Family Weekend
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